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Monuments by Miller was founded by Thomas Meagher Miller

Both of his grandfathers were woodcarvers, and wood was Tom's forte as well until the art professors at Laguna Beach School of Art in California placed stone-carving tools in his naturally talented hands.

Since his graduation, Tom has amassed extensive professional experience in sculpting and cutting. Many of his pieces have obtained national recognition, including the following:


  • Alfred Packer: Governor Richard D. Lamm unveiled this sculpted bust at the Colorado State Capitol. The event received national media exposure, including coverage by NBC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and a Paul Harvey Commentary.

  • Hubert H. Humphrey: This bust is displayed in the Government Center, Mankato, MN.

  • Chief Niwot: This publicly funded statue for The Sculpture Park in Boulder, CO, received national television and print coverage.

  • Mary Lenehan Smith: This 1983 statue was a real labor of love. The limestone bust is of Tom's great-great-great-grandmother, a Minnesota pioneer.


  • Winter Warrior: This monument commemorates the Indians who were involved in the Dakota Conflict in 1862. As the piece was being created, thousands of school children, as well as adults, came to view and reflect upon it. The sculpture is displayed on the site where the hanging of 38 Dakota Indians took place. The dedication of this piece was carried by the national media, including the Associated Press.

Tom has also studied in Europe, acquiring hands-on experience with some of the world's greatest stone cutters in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Tom participated in the St. Paul Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Competition for a number of years.

Tom has worked extensively with Kasota Limestone, Indian Limestone, Granite, Italian Marble, and Colorado Marble.  He is skilled in sandblasting for granite letter cutting, diamond etching, stone sculpture and stone restoration, from artistic to simplistic.

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